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FSsF's mission is to provide accessible STEM opportunities for girls and young women in the rural areas of Colombia so they can reach their full potential.

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Fog and Nature

The Environment and the Comunity

It is essential to include in the daily education of children a global context of the current challenges and problems facing their region and humanity in general. One of the significant challenges that humanity is currently facing is global warming and the negative impact on the environment. It is here where we want to raise awareness in children to seed in them the sense of belonging and for them to take part in building solutions for the good of the community and their participation in the improvement of ecosystems.


2. Empowerment of girls/women

Our approach is to make girls and women believe in themselves. We want to provide them with tools that allow them to develop their skills, discover that their voices have power and that they can become leaders for the good of themselves, their families and the community. Also, teach girls from an early age to recognize the great STEM potential and skill in them for their future careers.

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STEM without Borders has two great missions:


1.   Equal access to STEM education for students in the rural areas of Colombia

To provide accessive tools so that students in rural areas have access to quality and equitable STEM education. Fostering the joy of discovery and promoting a culture of collaboration, problem solving and inclusion with the community

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STEM sin Fronteras
(STEM without Borders)

Children learn differently. Some learn by listening, watching, or experiencing an academic subject. Most of the time, children learn best through practical and mental experiences. Currently, educational institutions around the world are linking STEM areas within their academic program. One of the main objectives with this program is to reduce the gap that exists not only between the different university careers chosen by the students, but also in the equitable participation of women in these interdisciplinary areas.


To empower the future generations of the rural areas in Latin America via STEM education, thus they will become leaders in their learning & the sustainable progress of families and communities

Technology Class
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